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  • Needy families of over 36 villages of Punjab are receiving or in the process of receiving help from NRIs.
  • A 45 years old landless women, abandoned by her husband, with three daughters, two are handicaps, living on daily wages earned from farm labor. Daily earnings are non consistence.
  • Another mid-aged landless widow, with two children, is handicapped because of polio many years ago. Every month her parents, also not well off, brings food and other items for the month for her family. Her 9th grade daughter is number #1 in class but will not be going for higher education because mother can’t afford it.
  • Students of poor families of two villages walk 4 km everyday to go to their High School, sun or rain, because there is no public transportation and their families can’t afford bicycles.
  • A bright young girl, of a needy family, is finishing her Masters and going for M. Phil because Friends Of Punjab Foundation funding her education.
  • Two teachers, their salaries paid by a member of the Foundation, teaching poor blinds youngsters to become self reliant in life.
  • After High School, many poor family students are doing Masters, Diploma in Engineering, Electricians, Plumbers etc with the help from NRIs otherwise most of them will just become daily wage earners in the fields or other hard labor jobs.
  • Two blind students passed 10th grade with over 60% marks. Foundation paying salary of their teachers.
  • Above 80 years old, landless widow, also lost her only son is still working as a farm labor to support her.

Note: Above families are already being helped. There are hundreds of families like these who are helped by associates of the Foundation.

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