Help struggling families of Punjab villages live day to day life with dignity and enable youngsters to pursue their dreams.





      • First village was started in late 2015 and tested for two years. Concept was introduced to the NRIs and the public in mid 2017. As of March 2019 there are 40 villages adopted or committed by NRIs.
      •                 Touching stories (some real cases:                         
      • * A smart girl of a needy family finishing her Masters.            *Landless mid aged woman, abandoned by her husband, supporting three young daughters, two are handicapped.  *80 plus years old landless widow, who also lost her only son many years ago because of illness, goes for daily labor when she feels strong enough to support herself and two grandchildren.                                                                                   
      • * A disabled widow of a small farmer supporting her two young children.
      • * A First born child of a landless farm working young couple is almost fully blind, Need Rs 2500/m eye drops for a year to have some hope. 
      • * A non profit School for blind children serving poor families was struggling, is now receiving help to pay teacher’s salaries from the foundation.
      • There are many more cases like these.
    • Foundation does not solicit funds. It seeks NRIs/ non-NRI Punjab residents to adopt and fund their own or any village.
    • Benefits are given to those who agree to take a drug test if needed.
    • Donors have the flexibility to chose the benefit they want to provide. No financial help is small. Choose on going help or one time.
    • In situations where NRI donors need administrative help, volunteers in Punjab will help, such as:  To qualify/ re-qualify beneficiaries etc.
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