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Current Coverage
AS of October 2019, 45 villages in various district of Punjab are adopted or in the process of being adopted. Hundreds of poor families are receiving monthly financial help. Many young students are getting help in education expenses. Hundreds of Widows, childless elderly and handicaps are receiving monthly financial help.

A. Human Focus

Cluster #1

8 villages, adjacent to each other, namely Kotli Arian, Mahadipur,Dhudial, Kohja, Sarobad, Doodpur, Najka and Bhella, all in Adampur block, are covered by NRIs. An unemployed M.A.B.Ed, young man is hired to help in this cluster: To spread awareness of various Govt. benefits schemes for the poor, enroll and help in getting the benefits. Keep the qualified beneficiaries current and help NRIs of the area. Help cluster residents in online passport application and land registration. Provide tree saplings of MORINGA(Sohanjana) to beneficiaries to plant in their yard. Also provide jute bags for shopping so that plastic use is eliminated. Beneficiaries are required to do these two things.

Cluster #2:

Poor families of 4 villages namely: Kasuli, Karondewala, Guha and Bagindi, (Dist. SAS Nagar) are receiving benefits from February 2018. These villages are perhaps among the poorest villages in Punjab. These villages are adopted by a single NRI from USA. 60 poor families of these villages are beneficiaries.

Kotli Bodal( near Tanda), Badduwal (Moga), Bhure Kahna(Tarantar), Alampur (Patiala) are some other villages active.

NRIs of many more villages, in various districts of Punjab, have committed to adopt their respective village and the process to identify the right beneficiaries and subsequently start of benefits will start in the near future.

Also an NRI has been paying salaries of two teachers at School for Blinds, Bahowal, near Mahilpur. Non profit School teaches more than 24 poor family blind students to become self-reliant.

B. Community Beneficial Projects:

Smart Class Room Concept Set:

A touch screen tablet with a projector and screen is used to teach the Government primary School students. It is a creative way of enchanting student’s interest in learning as well as exposure to technology at early stage. Twenty-five (25) Primary Schools, in various districts of Punjab, are set up or being set up by associates of our organization. One-time cost is very nominal, Rs 20,000 OR $275.

Free Moringa (SOHANJNA), known for high nutritional values, are distributed to many households and planted in their homes.

C. In process projects:

To be fully functional in the near future are as follows:

– SOAK PIT in households to recharge the ground water and keeping village streets dry and smell free while helping Punjab water shortage.

Free WI-FI for the whole village and setting up small technology learning centre to teach youngsters computer skills.

Note: No help is too small. Anyone believing in giving back to their roots, please contact the organization.